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Impala (1)

Dixie State University Travel Information and Fleet Rentals

Any faculty, staff, hourly employee, student or volunteer may not operate a vehicle, for University business if they have not completed the State of Utah Driver Training and Certification. This includes all DSU vehicles, fleet vehicles, rental vehicles or your personal vehicle being operated for DSU business.

Certification for the State Fleet System needs to be completed at least three days prior to your date of travel. Certifications are valid for two years at which time you will need to take a renewal test.

Initial testing and certification requires the following;

  1. Watch Video and take Online Test:
  2. Read-Sign-Return the three page New Driver Packet
  3. Provide a copy of a valid Driver’s License
  4. Provide a copy of testing certificate

Documentation can be scanned and emailed,, or delivered to Felica at Facilities Management.

Fleet Rentals

Once certified you can reserve a DSU vehicle through Facilities Management, 652-7550 or filling out a request below. <!>
Fleet Rental Request Form
<!--Required information needed for a reservation include:

  1. Name of Authorized Driver
  2. Index Code
  3. Travel Authorization Number (TA)
  4. Size of Vehicle Requires (Please no single drivers in a large SUV unless you are hauling materials)
  5. Destination
  6. Departure Date (Office opens at 8 a.m. If you need to leave earlier be sure to plan accordingly)
  7. Return Date

To book a rental vehicle off campus you will need to connect with State travel. For questions or assistance please contact Tamara Gentry 652-7613.
All vehicles are assigned a State Gas Card. Fueling locations should be mapped out prior to your departure. It is suggested that you select several locations since stations can close without notification. Find your fueling location at You can search for stations by state or city. When you fuel the station will need both the pin number and current odometer reading.

DSU Motor Pool

Impala (1)

Mid-Size Sedan 13 Chevy Impala $0.50 per mile
7 Passenger
'06 Dodge Mini Van $0.50 per mile
'08 Dodge Mini Van $0.50 per mile
'14 Dodge Mini Van $0.50 per mile
'17 Dodge Mini Van $0.50 per mile
'17 Dodge Mini Van $0.50 per mile
8 Passenger '07 Ford Expedition $0.60 per mile
9 Passenger '13 Chevy Suburban $0.60 per mile
'13 Chevy Suburban $0.60 per mile
'15 Chevy Suburban $0.60 per mile

The Suburban's have hitch rack available to transport luggage without using up interior space. Some seven passenger vans can have seats folded to accommodate larger cargo. Please request these options when booking your vehicle.

Rental rates are based on miles traveled. However, if mileage is low the minimum rental rate is $25.00 per day.

DSU Fleet does not handle bus rentals. Contact Road Scholar for all bus rental information at 435-634-2050.