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Key/Access/ID Card Request

Key/Access/ID Card Request

Access Request Form

Instructions to Obtain DSU Keys or Access Card

DSU keys and access cards are for official University use only. They should not be loaned and should be kept secure. You will be held accountable to use your keys and/or access card in a safe and responsible manner.

For campus safety and security, all master keys and master access cards should be limited and issued only to those who need access to every room in the department, building, or all areas on campus.

ID/Access Cards are done at the Bookstore. They will take your photo and print your card. Once you have your card you can request access using the online form.

To obtain keys or an access/ID card:

  1. Fill out a DSU Key/Access/ID Request Form, using the online form. Once you have signed in you will need to choose either a physical key or electronic access request. If you need both you will need to put in separate requests. Please call Facilities Management at 652-7550 if you need assistance.
  2. Obtain authorized signatures.
    • Offices, classrooms and other rooms within your department must be authorized by
      your Department Head or Director.
    • Gate keys, department masters, building masters and any access to areas outside your building and/or department must be authorized by your Dean, Executive Director or Vice President.
    • All campus master keys and access cards must be authorize by the President.

Please allow up to five business days for key requests to be processed. Electronic Access is processed every day.

In the event your key or access card is misplaced, lost or stolen, report it immediately to Facilities Management at 652-7550.